University Visit: At DMC Europe, we support students in making one of the most important decisions of their lives by organizing comprehensive university visits. These tours provide students with the opportunity to explore universities in their desired country and gain firsthand insights into their chosen fields of study. By visiting various institutions, students can compare programs, facilities, and campus life, helping them make an informed decision about their future. During these visits, students also have the chance to meet with university representatives, ask questions, and gather essential information. To ensure an informative experience, we take care of all from accommodation, to transportation. Our goal is to provide students with the support they need to make the best choice for their education journey.


Career Exploration Tours: At DMC Europe, we assist students in making crucial career decisions by organizing comprehensive Career Exploration Tours. These tours provide students with the opportunity to visit factories, production sites, and other workplaces related to their desired professions. By observing active production and daily operations in various fields such as technology, textiles, and more, students gain firsthand insights into the industries they are interested in, helping them make informed decisions about their career paths. During these tours, students can interact with professionals, ask questions, and gather detailed information about various career options. We take care of everything to, ensure an educational experience. Our goal is to provide students with the support they need to make the best choice for their future careers.



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Accomodations Arrangements

We identify the most suitable hotels in terms of location and affordability and manage the entire reservation process. We also provide support in case of any issues that may arise during the stay. Our goal is to ensure students to have a comfortable accommodation and focus on their academic pursuits.


We organize the transportation from the airport to the hotels and to various locations during the day of visiting. Whether it's a bus or VIP transportation, we provide comfortable and secure travel options with our top-notch drivers. We plan every detail for our students to offer a comfortable transportation experience throughout their stay.

Arranging Appoinments

We make all the necessary appointments, both with universities and production sites. The whole process is organized for the visitors to benefit in the best way to maximize their experience.

On-Site Support

In case of any potential problems that students may encounter during their visit, our company will position an authorized person to provide on-site support. Our representitive will ensure that the process is smooth and our students benefit from their visit.

Catering Services

We handle all the restaurant reservations during your visiting day, ensuring you enjoy delicious meals prepared with quality ingredients. Our service includes coordinating meal times and making bookings at restaurants. So you can focus on planning your future.


We organize fun activities according to the desire of our students to increase their motivation and make the process of obtaining information fun while their visit. We know the entire process can be stressful and we aim to reduce that stress as much as possible for our students.

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