Netherlands – trading power below sea level

The Netherlands is a fantastic travel destination and offers an enormous selection of high-quality meeting and conference locations. They are ideal for group trips, incentives, trade fairs, meetings, congresses and trade fairs.
The world’s leading creative and design events take place in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a small but compact country and a MICE destination with a tradition. The Netherlands is conveniently located near the German-speaking area as well as other Western European markets. The major airport Amsterdam Schiphol offers excellent connections. In addition, local public transport is excellently organized. In contrast to many other countries, using a car is basically not necessary in the Netherlands. You don’t lose valuable conference time in traffic jams or on long journeys.
The Dutch are tolerant and professional towards foreign guests. As a small country with a centuries-old trading tradition, Holland has an excellent MICE infrastructure. There is a large selection of excellent hotels and efficient, multifunctional conference centers. All Dutch people speak good English, which has a positive effect on the level of service in the conference and event locations. The friendly and pragmatic Dutch usually do everything they can to make your stay a success.
In the international MICE ranking, Amsterdam has been among the top 10 destinations for years. Visitors surveyed cite the good transport connections and the short distances for a big city as reasons for this.
For example, Schiphol Airport is only a 20-minute drive from the city center. Buses, trams and subways run frequently. The most popular means of transport, however, remains the bicycle. You can rent one on practically every corner.
The Dutch Center Parcs offer an interesting alternative to the usual conference hotels. Holiday parks with forests, lakes, tropical pool facilities and many leisure options. The overnight capacity is up to 120 double rooms in the hotel and up to 1,700 double rooms in the bungalows. Each park has a large conference room for up to 1,600 people. In addition, many other meeting and conference rooms are available.
If you are looking for a great destination for an international event, the Netherlands offers a huge selection of suitable hotels and venues. Stay at your desk, the DMC Europe team will take care of everything and ensure everything runs smoothly.

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